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Art Deco architectural Elements

  Eyebrows Cantilevered Window Shades Included In The Buildings Structure.  Eyebrows Look Like A “Shelf” Placed Above A Window.  Eyebrows Shade Direct Sunlight and Keep Interior Cool.
Ziggurat or Stepped PedimentProfiled Like A Staircase - Up Down, Up Down. Also Known As “Zig Zag” Or “Lightning Bolt.” Ziggurats Are Seen On The Roofline Of Buildings Recreating Egyptian Motifs.   
                Rounded CornersTechnology Allowed For Construction To Be Built With Rounded Corners.  In The 1930’s And 1940’s, The Design Of Airplanes, Ships, Trains, And Automobiles Influenced Architecture.  Rounded Corners Made Buildings Appear Aerodynamic, Fast And Sleek.
Flat Roofs  Art Deco Or Streamline Buildings Usually Have A Flat Roof Or Multi-Level Flat Roofs.   
                      Three’s In Art Deco, Everything Seems To Come In Three’s; Three Windows, Or Three Bandings Or Three Eyebrows, Or Three Steps Up.,Etc. This Is Probably Due To The Egyptian Influence Of The Pyramids or Just Good Design. 
Bandings Or Racing Stripes Horizontal Bandings On The Facades Of Buildings, Which Can Be Incised Or Applied In Decorative Materials Such As Tile.  Bandings Usually Come In “3’s”.  This Simplified Ornamentation Reinforces Aerodynamic Concepts Of Streamline Moderne.  A Great Way To Accent The Architectural Elements Of An Art Deco Building Is To Paint The Bandings In A Contrasting Color.
 Columns Many Art Deco Buildings Feature Either Whole Columns, Which Stand Away From The Building Or Sliced Columns Attached To The Front Doorway Facade Acting As An Archway.
Glass Block Cool, Translucent Squares Of Glass Used Instead Of Brick: Allows For Light Penetration.  Glass Block Easily Creates A Ziggurat “Step” Design.  Glass Block Has Made A Tremendous Come-Back In Contemporary Design.

​ Other Elements Include: Ship-like Features, Porthole Windows, Machine Age Symbols, Etched Glass, Relief, Neon, Terrazzo Flooring, Futuristic Images, Central Balance and Geometric Forms !